Collision Position Statement

Position Statement:Aluminum Replacement Parts

To: Collision Repair Industry

INFINITI vehicles may come equipped with aluminum components that will require specific repair or replacement procedures to deliver the same factory quality the owner is expecting.

Body panels are either labeled as aluminum or marked with an asterisk* in the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) and have specific corrosion protection barriers in place. Replacement of these required barriers is designed to help prevent galvanic metal corrosion leading to greater durability and overall customer satisfaction. Galvanic metal corrosion is when two dissimilar metals come in contact and an electrochemical corrosion starts to takes place. This can result in premature part and paint failure. Coated bolts, washers, or nuts are typically single-use parts and should be replaced with new Genuine INFINITI replacement parts during vehicle reassembly. See ESM for the single-use parts designation. These items will be labeled with a black circle with a white “X” or specified in a precautionary statement. For items using any coatings or other barriers, please refer to the ESM for recommended product specifications.

Parts Warranty

INFINITI Americas New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Limited Warranty on replacement parts does not apply to any parts other than Genuine INFINITI replacement parts. INFINITI will not be responsible for any subsequent repair costs associated with a vehicle and/or part failure caused by the use of parts other than new Genuine INFINITI replacement parts.

For additional collision repair information:

Refer to the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) prior to any repair or replacement being performed. Information specific to each model may be found at

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