Collision Position Statement

Position Statement:Power Window Servicing Post-Repair

To: Collision Repair Industry

All of our INFINITI vehicles are now equipped with power window features that include “Auto-Up” Operation, as well as “Anti-Pinch” feature. Any time the following repair operations occur, these two features need to be initialized before releasing vehicle back to the owner:

  • Disconnection and connection of 12V battery cable from negative terminal.
  • When main power window and door lock/unlock switch replaced.
  • Electric power supply to main power window and door lock/unlock switch or front power window motor LH is interrupted by blown fuse or disconnection and connection of the negative terminal of 12V battery, etc.
  • Disconnection and connection of main power window and door lock/unlock switch harness connector.
  • Removal of front power window motor LH from regulator assembly.
  • Operation of regulator assembly as an independent unit.
  • Removal and installation of glass.
  • Removal and installation of door glass run.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in the power windows not functioning as originally intended, and possibly causing injury to vehicle occupants as a result. Please refer to the proper service manual for details on how to initialize these features.

For additional information, reference service manual section “PWC”.

Parts Warranty

INFINITI New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Limited Warranty on replacement parts do not apply to any parts other than new Genuine INFINITI Original Equipment Parts.

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