Collision Position Statement

Position Statement:Revised Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning, Calibration

To: Collision Repair Industry

INFINITI continues to add greater technology and electrical systems promoting driver assist features and overall vehicle safety. The presence of increasingly sophisticated and inter-connected technology supports and necessitates the requirement of all 2008 and newer INFINITI vehicles having a diagnostic system scan to identify any diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) present, even in cases where there is no identifiable Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) illuminated on the vehicle’s dashboard. Forces encountered in a loss or simply disconnecting vehicle systems during the repair process for paint or other access can trigger a DTC in the vehicle’s systems. A pre-repair system scan is recommended to identify items in advance that are malfunctioning on a vehicle. This helps the repair facility fully understand the scope of the repair before starting as well as documenting elements related to the overall loss. The post-repair diagnostic system scan is recommended on all 1996—2007 INFINITI vehicles and required on all 2008 and newer vehicles to confirm DTCs are properly resolved and assist in system calibrations, helping to ensure our owners’ safety and satisfaction.

Background on Scan Requirements

Introduced in 1996, INFINITI vehicles systems have the ability to capture and record DTCs of vehicle systems within the vehicle Electronic Control Units (ECU). All 1996 to current vehicles that contain a 16-pin OBD2 port have the potential to have a diagnostic system scan. In vehicles without an OBD2 port, it may be necessary to locate other vehicle data link connectors to perform this task. INFINITI recommends the use of the CONSULT diagnostic scan tool with the most up-to-date software installed. INFINITI does not test or validate other diagnostic scan tools in the market and cannot comment on their capabilities or accuracy. Using the CONSULT diagnostic scan tool, stored DTCs are identified, validated, and then addressed within the repair process. Remote diagnostic pre-repair scans, post-repair scans, and calibrations can also be performed by using the CONSULT tool via the asTech® remote diagnostic device.

Some additional vehicle control systems’ diagnostic and DTCs facts:

  • The proliferation of vehicle control systems has increased the potential number of DTCs beyond the point where dashboard indicators can illuminate for every DTC. The dashboard indicators are intended for driver notifications, NOT vehicle diagnostics.
  • DTCs may be triggered as a result of the loss OR the repair process when electrical systems are disconnected during the restoration of the vehicle.
  • The presence or absence of dashboard indicators/warning lights is NOT an acceptable method to determine if a post-repair diagnostic scan is necessary. ALL INFINITI vehicles from 2008 forward are REQUIRED to have a post-repair diagnostic scan for this reason.

For additional information, please see the Electronic Service Manual (ESM).

Parts Warranty

INFINITI New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Limited Warranty on replacement parts do not apply to any parts other than new Genuine INFINITI Original Equipment Parts.

INFINITI will not be responsible for any subsequent repair costs associated with a vehicle and/or part failure caused by the use of parts other than new Genuine INFINITI Original Equipment Parts.

Refer to the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) prior to any repair or replacement being performed. Information specific to each model may be found at

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