Collision Position Statement

Position Statement:Steel and Aluminum Wheel Repair on ALL INFINITI Vehicles

To: Collision Repair Industry

INFINITI does not approve of any repairs, or the use of any repaired steel or aluminum wheel that involves welding, bending, hammering, straightening, re-machining, reforming, or adding new material, as this can compromise the structural integrity of the wheel and safety of the vehicle.

Any repair of steel or aluminum wheels must be strictly limited to minor cosmetic sanding or polishing that removes ONLY the finish, not the metal.

Reconditioned wheels are not an acceptable method of repair on any INFINITI vehicle, as these wheels were once subjected to the prohibited repairs referenced above. A reconditioned wheel, or any wheel not approved by INFINITI, may cause unsafe vehicle operation and performance, including loss of control which may result in injuries to the vehicle occupants or other drivers. Following a collision situation, all four wheels should be thoroughly inspected for damage, especially the wheel(s) closest to the impact area of vehicle.

We ask that the general repair industry follow these strict guidelines going forward.

Parts Warranty

INFINITI New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Limited Warranty on replacement parts do not apply to any parts other than new Genuine INFINITI Original Equipment Parts.

INFINITI will not be responsible for any subsequent repair costs associated with a vehicle and/or part failure caused by the use of parts other than new Genuine INFINITI Original Equipment Parts.

Refer to the Electronic Service Manual (ESM) prior to any repair or replacement being performed. Information specific to each model may be found at

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