Collision Position Statement

Position Statement:Use of Non-OEM Parts on INFINITI Vehicles

To: Collision Repair Industry

The original parts used on an INFINITI automobile are designed and built to provide optimum fit, function, safety, and structural integrity. For this reason, INFINITI does not approve of the use of aftermarket, gray market, or imitation parts.

When collision repairs are necessary, INFINITI strongly recommends that any repairs be performed by an experienced professional using the INFINITI body repair manual and genuine OEM replacement parts designated for use on the specific INFINITI vehicle being repaired. This includes: mechanical, electrical, body panels, safety, and structural components. Genuine OEM replacement parts are developed to deliver the same fit, function, safety, and structural integrity as when the vehicle was originally built. Parts of the vehicle are designed to work together as a system, and we do not know whether or how integrating aftermarket parts into these systems will impact crash performance. The safety of our customers continues to be our number one priority.

Vehicle lease agreements, such as those offered by INFINITI Financial Services, may stipulate that ONLY Genuine OEM replacement parts be utilized for collision repairs to the vehicle. INFINITI would ask that repair facilities consider this when repairing a lease vehicle.

Parts Warranty

INFINITI Americas New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Limited Warranty on replacement parts does not apply to any parts other than Genuine INFINITI replacement parts. INFINITI will not be responsible for any subsequent repair costs associated with a vehicle and/or part failure caused by the use of parts other than new Genuine INFINITI replacement parts.

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